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Samantha Duffy

Samantha Duffy | Naples, FLCapturing a glimpse of the lady behind the lens, we are proud to be sitting here today with award winning photographer, Samantha Duffy.

Samantha, as a young photographer in the industry how have you been able to gain such a following in so little time?

Well, I think my work connects with people because it’s honest and intimate.

What made you choose photography as a profession?

I was born to be a photographer.  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  It’s as if asking a kangaroo why it hops.  It’s just what I do.”

Who are your influences?

“I’ve always loved Ansel Adams…definitely Impressionist painters Monet and Renoir to name a few.”

Whether witnessing awe inspiring Bermudian sunsets from her bedroom balcony or majestic Bostonian cityscape from the Penthouse of the Copley Plaza, Samantha has refined her artistic eye by searching for the intrinsic beauty wherever the wind takes her.

Why do you think you have such a natural eye for photography?

“I’ve lived all over the world and I think it’s because I’ve always taken the time to appreciate the simple moments.  Regardless of wherever you go, you can always take a stroll through your photographs and connect with all the things that you love.

What is your photographic approach?

“My approach is simple yet fundamental…Everyone is beautiful…it’s my job to showcase someone’s inner beauty for the world to see.”

As a devoted mother, Samantha truly appreciates the magnitude of every moment.  “As a photographer, you are always striving to capture that perfect moment but as a mother, I try to capture those fleeting moments that can last a life time.”

After taking a moment to view her extensive portfolio, her grace and subtle care for her clients clearly exudes from her work.  This amazing woman clearly has a bright future ahead in the industry.

Before we depart, what can your fans expect from you next?

“How about I take your picture?”

*Interviewed by Barone Media Group

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